What kind of equipment is required to complete the course?

We recommend at least a mid-range gaming PC for the duration of the course. Like this one.

  • Intel Core i5 Four Core CPU
  • 16GB
  • AMD or Nvidia DirectX 12 compatible GPU with 8GB VRAM
  • Windows 10

How are the weekly classes held?

All weekly classes are via recorded video tutorials/seminars. There is also a LIVE Q & A Skype session with a BVA faculty member

Can I complete my Final Videogame Project online?

No. You need to be present at one of our local franchises. The Final Videogame Project involves a lot of team work and requires several face to face meetings. These cannot be accomplished online.

What is the time allocated for the three semester projects?

The last two weeks of each semester are allocated for the semester projects.

Do I need to complete each semester project to progress to the next semester?

Yes. It is a mandatory requirement for the successful completion of the diploma. It also ensures that each student has fully understood that particular semester’s tutorials.

How long is the Final Videogame Project?

The Final Videogame Project lasts three months during the one year diploma course.

Do you have an Employment Cell for new graduates?

Yes. It is our earnest desire to see every one of our students working in the videogame industry. Towards this end, we have created an active Employment Cell run by a UK-based recruitment agent. The Employment Cell maintains constant relations with dozens of potential employers around the world.

How are the semester tutorials held?

All classes are via recorded video tutorials/seminars. All registered students can access the videos via the local franchises.

Can I use a demo of the Final Videogame Project in my portfolio?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to do so since it will make your portfolio stand out from other applicants. The game demo will also help to show potential employers precisely what you are able to do in a videogame.

Will my name be in the final Credits in the game?

Yes. As long as you successfully complete your Final Videogame Project, your name will appear in the shipping game Credits on all platforms.

Which game engine is used in the Final Videogame Project?

Unity, the most popular videogame engine used in the games industry. All the weekly video tutorials also use Unity.